Technical Regulations - Cycling Road and Mountain Bike

(This regulation is to help the organizing committee
to better understand the expectation of the Deaflympics for cycling.
It should be done in advance prior to the Deaflympics.)

The technical committee will be composed of the ICSD Technical Director for Cycling and members appointed by the Organising Committee:

Bobby Wheeler Skedsmo - ICSD Technical Director
_____________- Representative from UCI
_____________- Representative from UCI
_____________- Sports Liaison Officer (Representative from Organising Committee)
_____________- Deaf Representative


Bobby Wheeler Skedsmo - ICSD Technical Director
_____________- Representative from UCI
_____________- Representative from UCI
_____________- Sports Liaison Officer (Representative from Organising Committee)
_____________- Deaf Representative

Please note: Names of the Protest Committee will be advised at the cycling technical meeting.

The Cycling events will take place at TBA, Taiwan:

• 1000 m Sprint
• 40 km Individual Time Trial
• Short Track Mountain Bike Race
• 100 km Road Race
• Cross-country Mountain Bike Race
• 50 km Points Race

No specific training sites are available for road cycling, but it can be everywhere around the city or at the countryside.

All equipment used during competitions will comply with the UCI Rules and Regulations.

The cycling competitions will consist of the following events (men only):

• Day Two - 1000 m Sprint (Qualify Rounds 0900-1100, Finals 1300-1500)
• Day Three - Off
• Day Four - 40 km Individual Time Trial (0900)
• Day Five - Short Track Mountain Bike Race (0900)
• Day Six - 100 km Road Race (0900)
• Day Seven - Cross-country Mountain Bike Race (0900)
• Day Eight - 50 km Points Race (0900 or 1800)


7.1. Competition Schedule
Refer to competition schedule on the Games website.

7.2. Practice Schedule
Refer to practice schedule on the Games website.


8.1. Rules
The Cycling competitions will be conducted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the UCI. In case of disagreement in the interpretation of the Rules and Regulations, the English text shall prevail. Unforeseen incidents not covered by the Rules and Regulations shall be dealt with as follows:

8.1.1. Cases of a general nature will be resolved in accordance with Deaflympics Regulations.

8.1.2. Technical questions shall be resolved according to the UCI Rules and Regulations.

8.1.3. Only athletes who comply with the Deaflympics Regulations are entitled to take part in the Deaflympics Cycling competitions.

8.2. Participants

8.2.1. Each National Association may enter a maximum number of fifteen (15) competitors. Only competitors who reach the age of seventeen (17) by 31 August 2009 inclusive may compete. Every cyclist must have an UCI international license, valid for 2009 and issued by his national federation affiliated with UCI.

Road Events

  • 1000 m Sprint; five (5) entered, five (5) starters
  • 40 km Individual Time Trial; five (5) entered, five (5) starters
  • Short Track Mountain Bike Race; five (5) entered, five (5) starters
  • 100 km Road Race; five (5) entered, five (5) starters
  • Cross-country Mountain Bike Race; five (5) entered, five (5) starters
  • 50 km Points Race; five (5) entered, five (5) starters

8.2.2. All cyclists entered in the competitions may act as substitutes in all other races for which they have not specifically been entered.

8.3. Entries

8.3.1. Preliminary registrations with an indication of the probable number of athletes in each sport and event have been submitted to the Secretariat by 1 August 2008.

8.3.2. The final registrations with the names of each athlete indicating sport and event entered must be submitted to the Secretariat no later than 14 August 2009. Such submissions may be made by telefax if followed by the official registration form.

8.3.3. No changes or additional entries will be accepted after 14 August 2009.

8.3.4. A fine of USD $20 is levied on each non-starting athlete with the exception of those presenting a doctor's declaration that he should not be allowed to start.

8.4. Medical Control
Refer to General Technical Rules - Summer Deaflympics, Article 4 - CONTROL AND SANCTIONS.


9.1. Technical Organisation
ICSD is responsible for the technical organisation of the Cycling competitions.

9.1.1. All events will be run in conformity with the UCI Rules. At the technical meeting (see 10.) licenses will be verified and starting numbers will be distributed for all events.

9.2. Rules & Regulations for Road Events

9.2.1. 40 km Individual Time Trial The race will be monitored by at least one roving motor vehicle race marshall. National teams will not be allowed to follow riders due to Victorian Police regulations. Roving commissaries will monitor riders. Official Spares vehicles will be located on course. The riders will be started with one minute between each. The riders must follow the 25-meter rule. The riders will race alone on an out-and-back course against the clock. Reserve wheels only may be used. time trial start orders will be drawn and rotated among the nations so you do not have two riders of any nation riding one behind the other.  After the drawn, each nation team will determine who will start in the 1st, 2nd, etc order.  Rotations should end with each country having one rider in the final rotation.  For example, the start order should resemble the following:

      MEX - 5th
      CAN - 5th
      USA - 5th
      GBR - 5th
      MEX - 4th
      CAN - 4th
      USA - 4th
      GBR - 4th
      MEX - 3rd
      CAN - 3rd
      USA - 3rd
      RUS - 3rd
      GBR - 3rd
      MEX - 2nd
      CAN - 2nd
      USA - 2nd
      RUS - 2nd
      GBR - 2nd
      AUS - 2nd
      MEX - 1st
      CAN - 1st
      USA - 1st
      RUS - 1st
      GBR - 1st
      AUS - 1st

    Since there is no ranking of nations to go by, the start order for the nations should be random lots.  That is, put the names of the countries in a hat and draw them out with the first country drawn going off first, second country and so on.  This draw shall be done at the opening meeting of countries so it can be observed by the participants/team managers.

9.2.2. 100 km Road Race Start
Competitors must be at the start line in the racers' quarter at least thirty (30) minutes before the start and at the start line fifteen (15) minutes before the official roll-call. Refreshments
Competitors may have refreshments at the designated feeding area (details will be announced at the technical meeting). Following Cars
Vehicles following the race will be as follows: One lead vehicle (police motorcycle), three follow-up cars, two vans, each containing spare parts, equipment, one driver, one mechanic and one official; one rover police motorcycle and one motorcycle.

9.2.3. 1000 m Sprint Cyclists will have to qualify for the sprint tournament based on the results of a flying 200-meter time trial which is held just before the first round of sprint tournament. In case of puncture or the breakage of an essential part of the bicycle before the 200-meter line, there will be a re-run. The rider must advise the official at the 200-meter line. There will be no re-run in event of a mishap or spill (crash). The sprint competition will be conducted according to the following selection table showing the composition of sprint heats involving 16 riders. It is not possible that racing cyclist of the same nation racing against each other in the first round heat. The course will be oval of at least 300 meters from the last turn to the finish and four lanes of road wide enough for the cyclist to make a u-turn or an out-and-back course of 500 meters each way. With a number of 16 qualified riders the procedure will be as follows:

    1/8 Finals 8 heats @ 2 riders
    - winners to 1/4 finals
    - losers to ranked according to 200m time trial result

    1/4 Finals 4 heats @ 2 riders
    - winners to 1/2 finals
    - losers to run for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th places

    1/2 Finals 2 heats @ 2 riders
    Each heats 2 runs with an eventual deciding run
    - winners to finals
    - losers to run for 3rd bronze and 4th places

    Finals 2 heats @ 2 riders
    Each heats 2 runs with an eventual deciding run
    - winners to 1st Gold
    - losers to 2nd Silver

9.2.4. 50 km Points Race The Points Race is a specialty in which the final placing are determined according to accumulated points won by riders during the sprints and by taking laps. The Points Race will be held on a closed circuit (entirely closed to traffic) with a lap of at least 1000 m in the city, at the park, or near the stadium and possibility the same course for the preceding sprint event. On the 400 m circuit, intermediate sprints shall be run off every 5 laps. On the other circuits, intermediate sprints are run off after each number of laps closest to 2000m, that is to say;

• every 5 laps on 400 m circuit
• every 4 laps on 500 m circuit
• every 2 laps on 1000 m circuit
every 1 lap on 2000 m circuit The first rider in each sprint shall be awarded 5 points, the second 3 points, the third 2 points, and the fourth 1 point. Any rider that gains a lap on the main field is awarded 20 points. Any rider that loses a lap on the main field is deducted 20 points. Where two or more riders are equal on points, the places in the final sprint shall declare the winner.

9.3. Rules & Regulations for Mountain Bike Events

9.3.1. Organization of the Competition The mountain bike competition will be conducted in accordance with the Rules of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) under Mountain Bike Race. Only two disciplines of mountain bike events are designated for the Deaflympics and World Deaf Cycling Championships. The cycling competition will consist of the following events:

      • Short Track Mountain Bike Race (XCC)
      • Cross-country Mounatin Bike Race (XCO)

9.3.2. Short Track Mountain Bike Race The duration of short track mountain bike race shall be 45 minutes maximum and a white flag to signal the last lap left. The start and finish should be in the same area. The circuit shall be no more than 5 km around.  Ideally it shall be 1 km around. Natural and/or artifical obstacles will only be allowed if they are safe.

9.3.3. Cross-country Mountain Bike Race The duration of Olympic format cross-country race shall be 2 hours minimum and 2.15 hours maximum. The cross-country mountain bike event shall be between 5 km and 9 km in length .  Ideally it shall be in the form of a cloverleaf.

9.4. Commissaries
The Technical Committee may serve as commissaries or appoint some others among the qualified persons present.

9.5. Protests

9.5.1. Procedure for lodging a protest
All sport related protests will be resolved in accordance to the UCI Rules and Regulations and will be managed by the Sporting Protest Committee. Any official protest must be submitted in writing on the Official Deaflympics Protest Form, and given to the ICSD Technical Director accompanied by USD $50.

The ICSD Technical Director will decide whether the protest is sporting related or eligibility related. The Sporting Protest Committee will review all sport related protests, and the ICSD Executive Committee will review all eligibility protests. The deposit of USD $50 will be returned to the appellant only if the protest is considered valid.

9.5.2. Procedures for reviewing a protest
The sporting protest committee will meet in the Technical Directors office in Taipei at a time decided upon by the chairperson of the committee.

• The ICSD Technical Director will be the chairperson of the committee.
• The Sports Liaison Officer (SLO) will be responsible to book the meeting room and interpreters.
• The Sports Liaison Officer (SLO) will contact all committee members to inform them of the meeting time and location.
• The ICSD Technical Director will be responsible for liaising with the State Sports Association's Competition Manager.

The Sports Liaison Officer (SLO) will be responsible for informing Games Headquarters GHQ and the ICSD Technical Director will be responsible for informing ICSD Executive about the protest and also the outcome of the protest.

9.6. Clothing
Competitors must wear clothing with their national colours, duly registered and published according to UCI Rules. Participants must observe the regulations contained in the Deaflymics Regulations regarding advertising on clothing, etc., in the Stadium areas. Competitors are obliged to wear a crash helmet. Competitors are participating at their own risk, in training and in competition.

9.7. Hearing Aids
The use of hearing aids or external cochlear implant aids is strictly forbidden during the competition.


10.1.The Cycling technical meeting will be held at TBA. Each participating National Association may be represented by two officials, of whom at least one must be deaf and, if necessary, an interpreter.

10.2. Two (2) technical meetings will take place at least one day before the first contest and one after the last contest.

10.2.1. The agenda for the first meeting shall be as follows:

• Report of the responsibilities of the organization
• Examination of the entitlement of participation
• Distribution of starting numbers
• Drawing of the placing for the individual time trail event
• Drawing of the accompanying vehicles for the road race event
• Dealing with question of the rules

10.2.2. The agenda for the second meeting:

• Open for concerns and comments
• Discussion for the future sanctioned competition host
• Announcement


11.1. Cycling Ranking Points

  Deaflympics World Championships Regional Championships
1st 10 points 10 points 5 points
2nd 7 points 7 points 3 points
3rd 5 points 5 points 2 points
4th 3 points 3 points 1 point
5th 2 points 2 points  
6th 1 point 1 point  


Revised: July 28, 2006