Dear ICSD's fellow members:

2009 Deaflympic Games has been successfully concluded, and everyone would go back to their respective homes safely. Chinese Taipei continued hearing-impaired movement on the global community to provide services and continuous contribution to the effort, it was decided in 2010 October 29 to November 7, organized by Tour de Formosa tournament race, welcomed the hearing-impaired cyclist countries to attend. We will provide free meals and accommodation, you only need to pay the cost of a return ticket to Taiwan. We will also invite ICSD bike TD to Taiwan to provide technical guidance.

It is a joy and warmth of the event, looked forward to hearing-impaired cyclist communicate with each other, but also looking forward to riding through the Central station, so that everyone more aware of Taiwan's beauty and culture. We also hope that the Tour de Formosa tournament race can become deaf Tour de France, fixed biennial event go forever. Please apply immediately, if you have any questions, please contact the teacher Jao,Jui-Huang with email.( I am looking forward to everyone's enthusiastic participation.

Best Wish & Merry Christmas

Secretary General

Chinese Taipei Sports Association of the Deaf

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Note: Please consult with your deaf sports federation first.